CHSS Dean's Lecture Series

Inaugurated in Fall 2011, the CHSS Dean's Lecture Series showcases the research and creative activity of full-time tenured and tenure-track professors in the College. The series offers an opportunity for intellectual exchange across a variety of academic disciplines, scholarly subjects, and issues. On occasion, the work of professors emeriti, lecturers, visiting professors, graduate students, part-time faculty, and highly experienced professionals will be featured. The presentations selected for the series are thought-provoking, have broad appeal, and further the KSU commitment to excellence in scholarly and creative work.

Light refreshments will be available 15 minutes before start of the lecture. Lectures are 45-minutes in duration, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. We hope to see you there.

Upcoming Events

Thursday September 20, 2016
Parental Desires Among Young Gay Men
Kennesaw Campus, SO 5074 at 3:30pm
Dr. Dan Farr
Lecturer of Sociology

Most Recent Event

Tuesday March 8, 2016
The Venerable Blind-Donkey: The Philosophical Poetry of Ikkyū Sōjun 休宗純
Dr. Andrew Whitehead
Assistant Professor of Philosophy